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Cracked: A Game of Consequences is an interactive animal advocacy game which educates the player on the horrors of the egg industry. Experience life as a laying hen, from birth until death from the hatchery, the farm and slaughterhouse with this dark choose your own adventure game.

Created in Unity using both undercover footage from a variety of animal advocacy charities and pixel art animation, this nostalgic and truthful tale is a unique video game experience. This is the first PC game I have created during University with the hope it promotes compassion in an interesting way and has become a starting block for future developments.

This game contains scenes of death, abuse and injury that some players may find upsetting. This emotional response may trigger life changes and an understanding of the animal agriculture industry in the UK and across the globe.  British farming has always been held in high regards with the use of consumer manipulation and false labelling and this game aims to expose these lies.

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